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Marybelle Bulldogs


Quality English Bulldogs bred for conformation and temperament!

UPDATE!!!  Norma received her GRAND CHAMPION title on September 5th, 2010!
She had just celebrated her 2nd birthday!
"GCH Marybelle's Norma Jean of Lyerly RN"

Albion, NY
Show breeder of the English bulldog. We are a member of the Bulldog Club of America, and have successfully shown our bulldogs to the Grand Champion level.  Our bulldogs have also been titled in rally and trained in agility. You will find only healthy bulldog puppies with pedigrees that include such bulldog champions as BISS GCH Millcoats Bach, CH Cherokee Legend Wildfire, CH Cherokee Legend Calvin Klein, BISS CH Lyerlys Spellbinder. We are dedicated to helping raise the awareness of the english bulldog breed.
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