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Bulldog Information


Bulldog Fact Sheet

The following are some things to keep in mind as an owner of a bulldog:


  1. Bulldogs CAN NOT swim, at all! This fact is made even more dangerous by the fact that they LOVE water! We lost one of our first bulldogs “Mary Jane” to drowning. She opened the pool area door and within 5 minutes, was gone. PLEASE have double security around any swimming areas. A kiddie pool with a couple inches of water is the perfect place for your bully to swim, play and cool off.

  2. HEAT is a bulldogs worst enemy. As with most brachiocephalic(short-nosed) breeds, overheating can be quick. Keep your bully inside on hot days, and always provide plenty of water.

  3. Rawhides and large pieces of food can cause choking. Again with short nosed breeds, they can have more difficulty than other breeds with swallowing. Never give your bully rawhide or other edible chews which can break off into large pieces he might try to swallow.

  4. Make sure your veterinarian is experienced with bulldogs. Certain anesthesia can be deadly to bullys. If you live in the Albion area, we highly recommend Dr. Tim Bostley at Hilton Veterinary Clinic 585-392-2937. If not, be sure to ask your vet if he or she knows the risks associated with bulldogs and anesthesia.

  5. Bullys can have sensitive skin. We highly recommend feeding a raw diet, or a mixture of a grain-free kibble with some raw. The raw provides important enzymes for the dogs skin which are lost in the cooking process of kibble. We have had great success in alleviating or avoiding skin issues with the addition of raw. Some great raw diets are Nature's Variety, Steve's Raw Food, Bravo and Primal. Some great grain-free kibbles are Nutrisource Grain Free, Taste of the Wild, Innova Evo and Nature's Variety Instinct. Please ask us if you have any questions on raw food feeding, or feeding in general.

Albion, NY
Show breeder of the English bulldog. We are a member of the Bulldog Club of America, and have successfully shown our bulldogs to the Grand Champion level.  Our bulldogs have also been titled in rally and trained in agility. You will find only healthy bulldog puppies with pedigrees that include such bulldog champions as BISS GCH Millcoats Bach, CH Cherokee Legend Wildfire, CH Cherokee Legend Calvin Klein, BISS CH Lyerlys Spellbinder. We are dedicated to helping raise the awareness of the english bulldog breed.
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